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Why Koyfman Cleanses are for perfect you?

Koyfman Colonics & Whole Body Cleansing is the only center in Georgia that offers more than just Colonics which is unique. We offer a complete cleanse of all your internal organs. All of our products that we use are organic and vegan.

Here’s what Body Cleansing can do for you:

Get rid of constipation

Build a stronger immune system

Gain more energy

Improve your skin condition

Get a deeper night's sleep

Improve digestion

Absorb nutrients properly

Lose some extra weight

Regain mental clarity

Look younger

Feel better & Feel great!

About Koyfman Colonics

40 Years of Experience.  2 Generations of Service. 100’s of New & Returning Clients getting Clean every year!

Koyfman Colonics & Whole Body Cleansing features the pioneering work of Dr. Yakov Koyfman, a naturopathic healthcare specialist, who has studied internal cleansing processes used around the world, and developed proprietary methodologies that help people regain optimal health. The center is now run by Igor Koyfman, who worked with Dr. Koyfman for over 10 years.

What Our Happy Clients Say

Caleb had been battling a series of serious toxin problems. He spent just over a month at Koyfman Colonics & Whole Body Cleansing when Caleb made these comments…

Caleb Allen, Copper Hill, TN

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