You may — or may not — have a “healing crisis” as you start out on the road to optimum health.
A ‘Healing Crisis” means you might feel a little worse as you’re moving towards feeling better. This can happen when you stir up the toxins in your body. It may uncover some underlying disorder which your body is “compensating around,” and you might feel a little queasy or nauseous.
Makes sense, right? You try to suppress the physical sensations of discomfort for years, and now you’re “shaking up the system,” releasing long-stored toxins.
The bad news about a healing crisis?   Not having it when you need it, and continuing to have your body deal with problems and try to work around them.
The good news?  If it happens, it doesn’t tend to last very long, usually a few minutes during the process, a few hours, or most rarely, a couple days at most.
It is part of your journey to optimum health.

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